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In May 2022, Perfect Paws in the Park was granted Listed Status by The Kennel Club, reference number AS/1559/GCDS
The company is now authorised to run courses under the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.


For dogs up to 8 months of age who follow the KC Puppy Foundation syllabus.


This course focuses on dogs over 8 months who have never had any formal training and prepares them for the foundation course.


For dogs who have completed a puppy or adolescent course. The course incorporates the KCGCDS Bronze award.


For handlers and their dogs who would like to advance to the KCGCDS Silver level. Very rewarding for the keen dog owners!


This class will take the dogs up to a high level of pet obedience (KCGCDS Gold Standard). It requires a lot of work, patience and consistency but the reward brings a great deal of satisfaction, wonderfully behaved dogs and very proud owners.

Classes: Classes


Each course will be made up of 8 sessions at the selected class level.


First course - £75 (extra handler £15)

Second course - £60 (extra handler £10)

Third course - £48 (extra handler £5)

Any further courses up to 12 months after 1st registration - Free of charge.

One to one sessions - £20 / session.

The courses will be held


the old tennis courts in Wythenshawe Park


Saturday mornings.

We recommend that you do not use an extendable lead for training and that in your dog's 'school bag' you include a non-squeaky toy, a grooming brush, water and bowl, a mat or towel and a variety of small treats.  

By law, every dog must wear a collar with an identification tag,

including the following information : handlers name and full address,

phone numbers are optional.

We advise that the dog's name is NOT included.

Classes: Text
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