Perfect Paws in the Park


About Us

Perfect Paws in the Park is a reletively new dog training company, formed to provide pet obedience training for dogs in the South Manchester area.

The company was formed in 2021 by Fiona, the director and Vivienne, the secretary. The day to day running is managed by a team comprising instructors, trainees and the most important person, Sarah, the treasurer!

We aim to provide a structured, supportive environment in which handlers gain knowledge and experience in training their dogs.  In the classes there is a strong emphasis on socialisation with both people and other dogs.

Whilst we take extremely seriously our responsibility to encourage the dogs in our care to become well behaved members of society, we also know owning a dog can be great fun for handlers and their families.  Members of our classes are able to participate in Display Team training and Hoopers courses in additon to the general obedience exercises.  Those extra skills are put to good use in the summer months when we are involved with local organisation in hosting dog-related "Fun Days"



Old Tennis Courts, Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe Road, Northenden, Manchester M23 0PD

07718 538363 or 0161 962 6472


New Classes

New groups of classes will be starting on Saturday 3rd December

For information about the classes we hold and the prices please look at the Classes page.  The enrolment form can be found on the Booking page along with the methods of payment.